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Loose dentures can be remedied with the addition of implant anchors positioned by a Dental Surgeon.

Your Dental Prosthetists will fit dentures over implants to provide stability, increased chewing force, reduced tissue irritations and decreased bone loss.

Your Dental Prosthetists will help you understand the procedures involved in implant dentistry.

Optimum tooth replacement is achieved with dental implants and can be used in retaining full or partial dentures.

In scientific studies that have been conducted, dental implants have been shown to preserve bone and reduce gum tissue loss. Patients have felt better and have gained an improved quality of life.

Historically, dental implants have a high clinical success rate and patients who have opted for dental implants, often remark how similar the implant feels to their own natural teeth.


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Implant Benefits
  • Improved confidence
  • Stability during eating
  • Increased preservation of bone
  • Decreased gum tissue shrinkage
  • Less food under the denture
  • Superior aesthetics
  • Social interactions accomplished with confidence
  • A feeling close to that of your natural teeth
  • Dietary nutritional benefits