Your dentures should fit & look natural.
With a Premium Denture, you can look fantastic and have a similar level of function as you did with your natural teeth. Because we are dedicated to providing the best solution to suit your individual needs, we use and recommend the Haraeus Kulzer Advanced Prosthetic Treatment (APT).

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The goal of APT is to provide you with the best looking & fitting denture available. The system uses materials with proven bio-compatibility, strength and wear resistance with a manufacturing process which will ensure a substantially more intimate and comfortable fit than conventional techniques.

Independent research shows that Haraeus Kulzer APT dentures manufactured using the unique Palajet injection system are the best fitting dentures available. Issues typically associated with older style dentures are solved and as a result, time-consuming adjustments in the dental chair may no longer be necessary.

Nobody has more experience with acrylic denture manufacturing than Haraeus Kulzer, after all they invented it.

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APT Dentures have a very good fit.Demonstrated here by laser scanning on the dorsal line of an upper denture.

You can also select the teeth which we will use on your new denture. Choose from one of Haraeus Kulzer's high quality ranges from the economic Basic range, to the conservative Classic range, or to the state-of-the-art premium tooth system.

With just one look, you will realise that Premium denture teeth from Haraeus Kulzer are in class of their own. Their distinctively natural appearance and perfect fix exceed anything previously available.

The three-dimensional multiplayer technique developed by Haraeus Kulzer elevates Premium teeth beyond the distinct layering transitions of conventional denture teeth. Every Premium tooth copies nature perfectly with this unique, blended layering concept.

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In fact, a recent study by Havard School of Dental Medicine, concluded that, patients with dentures featuring Heraeus Kulzer Acrylic and Premium denture teeth were as satisfied with the form and look of their dentures as they were with their natural teeth.

Please be sure to ask your clinician for further details on the Palajet APT injection system & Premium teeth from Haraeus Kulzer. The world leaders in advanced denture production.

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Loose dentures a problem?
Ultra Suction holds your dentures firm and secure!
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However good a set of dentures may be, they can never be a real substitute for one's own teeth. A lower denture interfaces with more movable mouth surfaces than an upper denture, making it more difficult to fit securely in the mandible.

With Ultra Suction problems can be reduced to a minimum.

How Does It Work?
Once the denture is in place in tight occlusion (firm bite), the mouth's tissues penetrate the suction chamber. The air is expelled through the valves. The diaphragms prevent its re-introduction. The pressure difference, that is, the lower pressure beneath the denture, exerts a pull and seals-off the new alveolar ridge periphery. The result - a better fit to the tissues and an improved resistance to dislodging forces.

Why Choose Ultra Suction?
Affordable Solution
Ultra Suction offers you a more affordable solution to problem dentures.

Added Value Ultra Suction offers you added value, whether mounted in a new set of dentures or during rebase / relining procedure.

Reduced Acrylic Palate
Ultra Suction valves mounted in an upper denture can help reduce the size of the acrylic palate, covering less of the roof of mouth and improving both phonetics and taste.

Reduces Time To Adapt To New Denture
Even in optimal cases with an intact ridge, it is still recommended to use Ultra Suction. By doing so, time taken to adapt to a new denture (lower in particular) will be reduced considerably.

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With Ultra Suction problems can be reduced to a minimum!